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Collaborative Partner

  • The Hub is a collaborative effort to include public, private, social, non-profit and faith-based sectors.

  • Our intent is to foster a mindset to “think bigger” about what this region can do when we work together

  • We will function as a partner to local organizations, providing additional capabilities and resources where needed.

  • We will promote future growth and prosperity of the region while honoring the region’s unique history and culture, and protecting the attributes and advantages of each community.

“This is a work in progress, and today’s announcement is just the beginning. There is much to determine about the structure and long-term operations of the Hub, but the Board is committed to its success. We have questions to address and details to finalize, but we want to be clear that this Hub is not intended to replace existing efforts, organizations, or local activities. We intend to amplify these efforts to provide scale, collaboration, and support. Think of the Hub as an extension of good work already underway to make our region a great place to live, work and play. We are thrilled to take the next step toward a truly collaborative approach to elevate the region and our communities.”

Mark Costa, Eastman Board Chair and CEO

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