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Collective Regional Voice

  • Committed to elevating the profile of our region.

  • Serving as a critical marketing vehicle for the entire region that focuses on multiple aspects of economic development, including entrepreneurship, venture capital, business development, talent attraction (inclusion & diversity, youth/family, remote work), amenities/attractions, and infrastructure.

  • Publicizing the region’s advantages and accolades - to ourselves and outside the region.

  • Curating, managing and promoting regional data.

“When you look across city and county lines, our region boasts incredible talents, amenities and opportunities. We have a compelling story to tell for a national and global audience. We will tell a compelling story in cooperation with our partners for years ahead. That’s the vision for the Hub. We want to celebrate all the wonderful attributes that make our communities special to us, expand on those capabilities and resources we have, and scale them to achieve the greatest collective impact. When the region wins, we all win.

Jerry Caldwell, President, Bristol Motor Speedway

NETNHub Board Chair

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