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Executive Director

10431 Wallace Alley Street, Kingsport, TN, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The position will be an outward-facing role charged with selling the region to the broader world, and within the region, educating about the urgency of economic cooperation, cultivating a common regional identity, and partnering with local governments and EDOs to fill gaps, add value, and elevate existing economic efforts in a complementary, non-competitive way, and in appropriate cases, leading essential initiatives that benefit the region as a whole.

● Provide executive management and leadership consistent with the priorities of the board
● Participate in the design and overseeing of the organization’s financial plan, strategy, structure, policies, and principal initiatives
● Regularly update community stakeholders, funders, board members, et al.
● Participate in press opportunities to increase regional brand visibility and credibility
● Earn trust with elected officials by building relationships and regularly communicating
● Maintain constructive relations with other EDOs, showing a mindset of servant leadership
● Manage a team and lead programming that aligns with the organization’s mission
● Meet annual fundraising goals set by the board from private and public sector sources
● Cultivate a regional mindset across the area
● Showcase regional successes
● Educate the public about the urgency and advantages of regional cooperation
● Earn and organize public support for further collaborative efforts


Skills and qualifications:

●     Extensive experience in a public-facing role

●     Excellent communication and public speaking ability

●     Sophisticated instinct in media relations and exceptional message discipline

●     Desire to inspire and manage self and team members

●     Capacity to apply proven fundraising and networking techniques

●     Ability to navigate charged political environments

●     Knowledge of, or willingness to learn about, the best practices of economic development

●     Strong facilitation and meeting planning skills

Personal characteristics:

●     High personal integrity

●     Passionate commitment to the region and its prosperity

●     Keen understanding and appreciation of the area’s unique culture

●     Active and understanding listener

●     Handles criticism and conflict calmly and charitably

●     Comfort and confidence in persuading skeptical or opposed audiences

About the Company

NETNHub, a public-private economic convener, counselor, facilitator, and inspirer, serving local businesses, chambers, governments, and other economic development organizations (EDOs) across the region seeks a well-known, highly trusted consensus builder to oversee all operations, functions, and activities of the organization.

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